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Post 22, 2020 Year in Review:

Commander comments: While 2020 is ending, I can only say that millions of Americans, along with the entire world, are looking to put this chapter of our lives behind us.  The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on millions of lives and continues to ravage every corner of the world, as we wait for a vaccine to hopefully end the spread of this horrific virus.

At American Legion Post 22, we will always work to strengthen America by improving the lives of veterans and their families, fighting for an effective system of defense, building community pride in our national identity, and giving young people a foundation for future success.

Like every year, we plan to participate in “Buddy Checks”.  These checks are particularly important this year with our fellow veterans being quarantined.  If anyone knows of a veteran who may need assistance, please notify the Executive Committee.

I wish all of you a safe and healthy holiday season. Please remember those veterans who are deployed and protecting our freedoms.  “God Bless”

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